Block Data Syncing Service For Full Nodes
To optimize the time-consuming block data syncing process, EOS Cleaner provides users with the fast block data syncing service for full nodes that dramatically reduces the time of syncing blocks. Presently, the service is built on Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service); going forward, EOS Cleaner expects to enable on-chain data verification and third-party full- block data validation, thereby building a complete system of reliable and traceable data services.


[Overseas Data Sources] Make use of Amazon S3 to access Data Archiving and view 5 links to the latest versions for download.

There are 3 download methods:

  • 1Use HTTP protocols with URL, Wget and other utilities to download files from the Web.
  • 2Use s3cmd ; this requires users to provide an Amazon S3 address: s3://data.eos/+filename, e.g., s3cmd get s3://data.eos/nodeos-data-20180713-100720.tgz
  • 3Use aws cli to download files; it also requires users to provide an Amazon S3 address, e.g., aws s3 cp s3://data.eos/nodeos-data-20180713-100720.tgz nodeos-data.tgz

File Decompression

Use the tar command to create uncompressed files, e.g.,tar zxvSf nodeos-data-20180713-100720.tgz

The -s parameter is recommended to improve the efficiency in decompressing sparse files and reduce the time of decompression. After decompression, use the nodeos-data directory as the nodeos database directory.

Rebooting nodeos

When starting nodeos, make sure the --data-dir parameters point to the nodeos-data directory, e.g.,nodeos --data-dir nodeos-data/ --config-dir your_config_dir/